Stop Smoking

I had tried multiple times to stop smoking but unfortunately I was never successful.
Leonora immediately had me engaged and she’d completed an impressive amount of research to ensure that she was aware of my smoking habits and lifestyle.
I’m delighted with my results and I’m very close to completing two months as a non-smoker. Leonora is extremely attentive in her aftercare, not only were my sessions with her incredible, the levels she went to in making sure I was remaining focused was invaluable. I was also given many tools but I must say that the specific meditation video Leonora provided me with most definitely helped me refrain from smoking when I felt the urge to. I genuinely thought I was addicted but Leonora has proven her theory that my smoking was most definitely a habit.
The results this has had on my physical health is life changing. I’ve now been able to return to my fitness regime without becoming breathless. The long term impact of this is what I’m most grateful for. It’s imperative I’m healthy and well as family are at the heart of everything I do.
Leonora I can’t thank you enough, this has genuinely changed my life

Weight Loss and Management

Leonora is amazing. I would highly recommend working with her. I have immense respect for her clarity, wisdom, and skill. I respect her professionalism and I really love that she also gives you recordings to listen to in your own time. I have been able to turn a corner on my weight loss goals, with tools and techniques to deal with challenging moments. She genuinely has your best interests at heart. You won’t find better than her!

Weight loss and improved sleep

Leonora was professional, insightful, and extremely kind throughout the process. You leave the sessions feeling re-energised and focused on your goals. There was the added and unexpected bonus of having the best and deepest night sleep I’ve had in a long time after listening to the recording she provides after the session – which leaves you feeling like a new person. If you want to start the transformation toward your weight loss goals, kick bad habits and see positive results I would strongly recommended Leonora.