Weight Loss and Management

I have just completed an online weight loss group program with Leonora Paul Hypnotherapy and was blown away. Having never taken part in any kind of hypnotherapy sessions, I was a little apprehensive but Leonora is so professional, yet so relatable, she soon put my worries to rest. Our course was over 4 weeks and we met on-line once a week on Zoom. It was lovely meeting the different participants from around the world and sharing our similar experiences. I definitely saw results over the 4 weeks of the course. I found I was sleeping so much better, felt more energized and more importantly, found I could control my eating habits much better. I lost 2kgs over this time and gained so much more knowledge into the causes of my weight problem. I would suggest Leonora Paul Hypnotherapy to anyone, don’t be afraid to take that step, just do it!

Anxiety and Insomnia

I’ve suffered with anxiety for the last few years since the passing of my son. This has resulted in periods of feeling extremely low and severely disturbed sleep patterns. These have had a significant effect on my quality of life.
My sessions with Leonora have helped reduce my anxiety and improved my sleep. I am feeling a lot more positive these days and have started getting out and about again, instead of shutting myself off from the world like before.
Thank you Leonora, the sessions with you have made such a difference.

Phobia of Heights

Leonora is so calming and made me feel at ease immediately. After a lifetime of being petrified from heights Leonora managed to make me relax and face my fears head on. After always finding the fear debilitating and not being able to experience some amazing adventures I managed to take in the most amazing views on a trip to Porto which I would normally have not been able to enjoy. Thank you Leonora for changing my view of the world and this time from up high ❤️

Confidence in the Workplace

I was finding that I was lacking confidence in certain areas of my professional environment, which I felt was holding me back career wise and I really needed to do something about it. I began my hypnotherapy sessions weekly with Leonora, plus listening to her excellent recording whilst drifting to sleep every night. In almost no time at all, I could feel that the anxiety and associated lack of confidence in myself at work had reduced dramatically. I found that I was much more confident in presenting my thoughts and ideas in the workplace, plus in holding my own when challenged or asked to expand on a particular subject or project. It was quite amazing!
Ultimately, this significant growth of confidence in my own abilities has enabled me to go out and find and secure a new role now, in a different and exciting environment, with increased financial benefits. I couldn’t be happier with the way things are going in this respect and I put this down to my very positive interactions and sessions with Leonora and her exceptional skills as a solution focused hypnotherapist.
I would not hesitate to recommend Leonora Paul Hypnotherapy to anyone.


After a rough year, I was in dark place. Since meeting Leonora and having hypnotherapy sessions it has completely changed my mindset. Leonora has not only helped me to start feeling better but has given me the tools to move forward in the future, and explained the science behind why it works. I now feel more confident about making decisions and dealing with difficult situations. I feel so much more positive moving forward. I Am so grateful to Leonora for her support.

Anxiety and Dentophobia

I have had increased stress and anxiety with juggling two children, work, and life in general. I knew I had to do something to manage my anxiety which is why I started hypnotherapy sessions with Leonora. I can honestly say it is the best thing I have ever done as I feel like me again by thinking and interacting more positively. I deal with situations in a calmer and more positive way which has reduced my anxiety levels. The sessions have also helped me with my phobia of the dentist which has been life changing.

Anxiety and bereavement

Thank you so much for your Hypnotherapy sessions, I was going through a world of turmoil when I lost my mom in December after a long illness. I was her primary caregiver for several years. Work has been challenging and I lost all my confidence and self esteem. Through Leonora’s help and guidance, I was able to accept things I cannot change, stop being negative and work on having a positive outlook. The negative cloud has dissipated which has helped me sleep better and improve my self confidence. I have started a web design course which I have wanted to do for ages. I write in my gratitude journal every day and I feel good about myself again. I highly recommend Leonora.

Anxiety in the Workplace

I have been having hypnotherapy sessions with Leonora for the past few months. To give a little bit of background I have taken early retirement and entered the world of contracting. Obviously new to me this raised my anxiety levels. The sessions I have had with Leonora have given me renewed confidence, reduced my anxiety, helped me sleep better and improved my self-esteem and reminded me of my own value.

Anxiety and Weight Management

I have had sessions with Leonora for several weeks now and she is very professional and really helps you relax. Leonora’s sessions have helped me personally with bereavement, weight management, anxiety and sleeping. Each session we focus on where I am in my overall wellbeing and her techniques focus on decluttering your mind of negative thoughts so you can focus on improvements and positive thoughts which has had a positive impact on my life.
Leonora ha a gentle and professional approach I would strongly recommend her. My sessions were on zoom, it felt as if she in the room with me. I look forward to more sessions with Leonora in the future.

Anxiety and stress

I approached Leonora for help with my stress levels and resulting anxiety, which in turn often caused me to view things negatively. Leonora, whose manner is soothing, patient and kind quickly put me at ease. Over the course of several sessions she helped me to reframe my mindset to a more positive one. She helped me to work on ‘emptying my stress bucket’ and gave me the tools to do this on my own through engaging the intellectual part of my brain. Our sessions brought a great sense of calm into my life and have helped me to better cope with stressful situations at work. I cannot recommend Leonora highly enough.